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What is Mathinar?

Mathinar is a Maths Seminar Online (Maths Webinar), we provide classes for various courses in Mathematics for students of different levels and abilities. Classes last 60 or 90 minutes and students join us from their own home on a computer with an internet connection. This means that students are no longer limited by their physical geography or their ability to travel to tutors.


Each lesson is recorded and students are given access to view the recordings of the class at a later date for revision. Students are also set an online homework which they need to complete to show how well they have understood the concepts taught in the session.


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Mathinar has helped lots of students get that grade that they are working so hard for! Why not hear what some of them have to say!

The online webinars provided by Mathinar allow for the syllabus to be taught in an engaging fashion, with the added bonus of working in the comfort of your own home. The webinars themselves are insightful, well-structured and easy to follow. The element of these online classes being accessible whilst you're at home, works especially well during exam season as you generally feel overwhelmed with the stress of exams; so the convenience of the webinars is also of benefit.

Belinda - Core 1 / Core 2 / Statistics 1 - May 2014

"I have found the online webinars very helpful and they have benefited my revision and helped enhance my learning in a number of the maths modules. They are easy to access and easy to follow with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and ensure you understand the topic and are able to complete exam questions. The webinars are a great revision tool to have."

Annie - Statistics 1 - April 2014

"I have been attending Direct Tuition classes for over a year now and I can really look back and see the benefits it has brought me. Over the past year or so I have seen my Maths skills improve greatly thanks to the way each lesson is taught!"

Riyan - Core 1 - January 2014

"The Webinars I have been attending weekly have been extremely beneficial in complimenting what I am studying in school. I have often found that the Webinars have shown me new methods and help me to understand things that I didn't know from school lessons. I would recommend Webinars to anybody as you communicate as you would in a classroom, but with the additional advantages of using a computer."

Riyan - Further Maths GCSE – April 2014

Very helpful and useful. The online sessions have improved my understanding on the parts i found difficult.

Dilan - Mechanics 1 - April 2014


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