About Page

Our Aims

To provide a high quality tuition service to students from the comfort of their own homes

To make tuition affordable to everyone

To allow parents to be parents, and spend quality time with their children, not forcing them to do maths homework

To provide students who struggle with Maths the opportunity to excel

To challenge students who generally find maths easy by extending their knowledge

To allow students to view their lesson over and over again for revision

We guarantee that we can help your child succeed and offer a money back guarantee

Why we started Mathinar?

Over the last few years the internet has taken over our lives, if you think back 15 years would you have been able to video chat with family abroad from the comfort of your own home and for free, now you can. The internet is creating opportunities all over the world and with these developments you are no longer constrained to your geographical location.
Since 2004 we have been running class tuition in our local area and one of the biggest comments we get from parents is can we open a centre closer to their homes so they don’t need to drive their children. We have also had some parents who would travel 30-50 miles to attend our classes but eventually the travelling was too much.
The average price of tuition in the UK ranges from £25-£30 per hour and some charge a lot more than this, our classes are a fraction of the cost and range from £8-10 per hour and less if you purchase the full course.
Mathinar is here to solve these problems and many more. We know its difficult to imagine exactly what we do this is a Unique Learning Experience so we offer a free trial lesson so you can familiarise yourself with our techniques. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, you won’t need a microphone either. If you really want you can do the lesson on a tablet computer or a mobile phone.
So give us a try by attending our free online lesson, and if you’re still not convinced we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied by our lessons.


Sometimes inviting a tutor in the house can be uncomfortable because they are strangers, our tutors will not need to visit your house

Visiting a tutor/tuition centre can be difficult for parents as they may have problems with transport, you and your child don’t need to travel anywhere

In fact you can download the mobile application and can view the lesson from your mobile phone or tablet if you are out of the house.

Some tutors charge extortionate amounts for tuition, but remember just because they charge more doesn’t mean they are better. Our prices are a fraction of the cost of tutors and in fact you can enrol in a majority of our courses for the cost of two hours of traditional tuition.

Sometimes you’ve has a lesson but can’t remember everything that you covered in the lesson, you can view the recordings of your previous lessons and use them for revision

You will get regular online homework and once completed will be marked automatically so you know what areas you need to concentrate more on.

Our guarantee that your child will find this teaching technique more useful than traditional in house tuition.