Level 2 Further Maths GCSE

The Level 2 Further Maths GCSE Course is taught by many UK schools to their higher ability students who need more of a challenge than the typical GCSE Course. Students aiming to achieve or have achieved a Grade A or A* should do the Further Maths GCSE Course. A Majority of the content for this course covers AS-Level Mathematics.

The course will run weekly (term time) from Sunday 18th January 2015. The whole course will be delivered over twelve 60 minute sessions. All sessions are live and interactive, students can ask questions throughout the webinar.

Each sixty minute session can be purchased individually for:

  • £8 for the lesson only
  • £12 for the lesson plus access to the recording, presentation slides, and online revision exercise

    We have a special pre order price for students who purchase the full course which consists of all twelve, 60 minute sessions. Students who sign up for the full course will also get access to

  • the recording of each session - for revision purposes
  • the presentation slides - for students to make their own notes

    We are doing a special price of £87 for anyone who purchases the full course. This includes all 12 individual lessons priced at £12 x 12 = £144, a saving of £57.

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